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Festival Concept

Genuine, Collaborative, Inclusive,
Made in Europe, and Radical


Inclusivity is one of Radical Health Festival Helsinki’s core values – all the way from the diversity of the participating stakeholders to our pricing models. The urgent need for a genuine European arena for health and care that brings together people, data, and innovations has risen from the rapid change we are witnessing in the field of health – Radical Health Festival Helsinki is answering that need. This event is truly made by Europeans for Europeans.

Learn more about the Radical concept here. 

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024:
It’s Critical to be Radical!

21-23 May 2024 | Helsinki, Finland

Can we achieve prevention and precision at scale? Let’s find out!

At Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024, we’re not just thinking about the future of healthcare; we’re redefining it. Imagine a world where health is a lifelong journey, where risks are identified before they turn into crises, and care is personalised for every citizen. Is this just a pipe dream? No, it’s the radical shift we need now more than ever!

Deploying prevention and precision at scale – Are you ready for the challenge?

This year, we deep dive into the intersection of prevention and precision. It’s a bold move and a paradigm shift requiring bold leadership. But it´s the only way forward. Are you up for it?

The 2024 programme explores the 3 pillars and key questions that will enable this deployment at scale:


PEOPLE: Can we shift our focus from technology to people and place humans at the heart of digital transformation efforts?
INNOVATION: Can we re-think innovation frameworks to accelerate the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technologies in clinical pathways?
DATA: How do we turn data into insights for prevention, precision, and equity?
We may not have all the answers. But Radical Health Festival Helsinki is where radical ideas take flight.

Why attend?

This isn’t just another healthcare conference. It’s a call to action. A call to be radical. Whether you’re in healthcare, technology, policy-making, or simply passionate about improving health for all, this is the place where you can challenge the status quo with like-minded change-makers.

Ready to be part of the solution?

Dive into our programme and see how you can make a difference.

Healthcare is a puzzle, let’s solve it together!


Radical Health Festival Helsinki is the result of a collaborative effort from over 20 key European contributing partners including the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Nightingale Health, the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), The International Associations of National Health Institutes (IANPHI), éditohealth, ECHAlliance, EHTEL, Healthtech Finland, and COCIR among others. Gathering their expertise as well as their audiences, the Festival is unique in delivering the highest quality content and the greatest diversity of stakeholders. Only this way can we claim to gather the ”entire” health innovation ecosystem. 

Interested in becoming a Festival partner? Contact Sean Roberts at

Partners 2024

Why Is It Critical to Be Radical?


Healthcare systems are in trouble. The list of challenges facing them is only getting longer: ageing populations, shortages and burnouts of health professionals, rising lifestyle-related cardio-metabolic diseases, unsustainable payment models, siloed information, lack of focus on prevention…

Radical Health Festival Helsinki is driven by a genuine and shared ambition of all the contributing partners to transform healthcare, deliver value, improve clinical and financial outcomes, and make health systems sustainable. Our target audience is anyone who believes only radical changes will get us there. Now more than ever it´s critical to be radical.

Our shared values and guiding principles are clear:

  • Digital transformation is no longer about technology, it’s about people
  • Promoting innovation is great, but accelerating adoption at scale is really what we need
  • Collaboration of all key ecosystem stakeholders is the only way forward
  • We need to start preaching outside the usual choir of digital health enthusiasts to engage patients, clinicians and end-users, and answer their question ‘’what’s in it for me?’’
  • Successful digital transformation journeys are always co-created
  • Global collaboration and exchange of best practices is the only way forward



“Finland is proud to give rise to the Radical Health Festival. We are among the leading countries in digitalization and innovation. We believe in encounters. The best way to boost change, implement innovations and share best practices is to bring together people with ideas, knowhow and a powerful mission.”

Dr. Päivi Sillanaukee, Special Envoy for Health and Wellbeing, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

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