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Festival Concept

At the heart of the health transformation

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Deploying Prevention and Precision at Scale 

Identifying and addressing risk factors before they develop into major health issues, delivering more personalised and efficient care, achieving better outcomes overall, optimising resource allocation and improving the sustainability of our health systems: the future of healthcare lies at the intersection of prevention and precision.

Deploying prevention and precision at scale represents a paradigm shift, which requires vision, leadership, change management and the need to be radical. The 2024 edition of Radical Health Festival Helsinki explores this paradigm shift through 3 carefully curated streams of content:

Track 1: Accelerating innovation adoption
Entrepreneurship, Investment, Evidence, Regulation, Reimbursement Consumer Solutions, Digital Therapeutics, Behaviour Change, Health Anywhere Anytime, Healthy and Active Ageing

Track 2: Placing people at the heart of digital transformation
Digital Maturity, Workforce Development, Health System Resilience, Reforming Health Systems for Prevention at Scale, Patient Centricity, Integration of Health and Social Care, Public Health

Track 3: Data for prevention, precision and equity
Precision Health at Individual and Population Levels, Reduced Quality Variability, Data Analytics for Prevention, Predictive Analytics, Less Software More Data, Precision Prevention, AI Regulation

Genuine, Collaborative and Made in Europe

Radical Health Festival Helsinki is the result of a collaborative effort from over 20 key European contributing partners including the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), The International Associations of National Health Institutes (IANPHI), éditohealth, ECHAlliance, TEHDAS, Frontiers Health, EHTEL, COCIR and Health-ISAC among others.

Our shared guidance principles are clear:

  • Digital transformation is no longer about technology, it’s about people.
  • Our objective is no longer just about accelerating innovation, it’s also about promoting adoption at scale.
  • We need to start preaching outside the usual choir of digital health enthusiasts to engage patients, clinicians and end-users, and answer their question ‘’what’s in it for me?’’
  • Successful digital transformation journeys are always co-created.
  • Global collaboration and exchange of best practices is the only way forward.



“Finland is proud to give rise to the Radical Health Festival. We are among the leading countries in digitalization and innovation. We believe in encounters. The best way to boost change, implement innovations and share best practices is to bring together people with ideas, knowhow and a powerful mission.”

Dr. Päivi Sillanaukee, Ambassador for Health, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland

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