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Finland has always been very committed to sustainability and the respect of our planet. So is Radical Health Festival Helsinki! 

Radically Sustainable

Welcome to Radical Health Festival Helsinki, where sustainability is at the heart of our event. We’re proud to host this festival at the highly sustainable Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre – a pioneer in sustainability in the events industry.

At Radical Health Festival Helsinki, we’re not just about health; we’re about a holistic approach that encompasses a sustainable future for all. Join us in embracing a radically sustainable lifestyle!

Environmental Responsibility

  • Environmental Commitment: Our goal is to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2029.
  • We’ve taken significant strides: Embracing renewable energy sources like solar power, geothermal heat, and district cooling has been a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. Our solar power plant on the facility’s roofs produces 533 MWh annually.
  • Our dedication to reducing water consumption includes innovative measures like water-saving taps and efficient wastewater processing while maintaining high-quality tap water for visitors.
  • Responsible Consumption: We prioritize environmentally friendly procurement, consciously reduce single-use products, actively minimize our use of plastic across all operations, and promote digital signage over print.
  • Collaborating with our restaurant partners, we reduce food waste and increase the share of vegetables on our menu.
  • Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre is the City of Helsinki’s climate partner. As part of this goal, we encourage all our customers to use public transport for the benefit of the environment.

Social Responsibility

  • Caring for People: Our employees’ well-being matters. We’ve provided support during challenging times, ensuring occupational well-being, safety, and ongoing education opportunities. We also collaborate with educational institutions and organisations like UNICEF and the Finnish Red Cross.
  • Building Cooperation: We believe in giving back to society. Our collaborations with vocational colleges and initiatives like providing internships and apprenticeships are a part of our commitment to support the community.
  • Harassment and inappropriate conduct and treatment are prohibited at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. In 2022, we prepared ethical guidelines for personnel, and we refined our guidelines to prevent harassment and improper treatment in our premises and events

Economic Accountability

  • Creating Work and Income: We contribute significantly to the local economy, generating substantial income and employment opportunities. Our efforts to expand our offerings aim to drive economic growth sustainably.
  • Good Governance: We prioritize sustainability in our strategy and operations, aligning with UN SDGs. Our management system adheres to quality standards, ensuring continuous improvement and safety practices that have earned us prestigious certifications.


  • ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate: As the first Finnish exhibition and congress center, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre received this certification in 2009 for its exemplary environmental system.
  • Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism: We proudly stand as a signatory, committing to measure and reduce carbon emissions, reform operating methods, and promote cooperation for sustainable tourism.
  • Sustainable Travel Finland Label: This label reinforces our dedication to sustainable tourism, promoting responsible practices and experiences that align with Finland’s sustainable travel initiative.
  • SHORE Certificate: Our pursuit of sustainability is evident in our certifications, including the ISO 9001:2015 management system and the GOLD Excellent-level SHORE safety certificate, acknowledging our exemplary safety practices and risk management.


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