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Meet the Tribe

Radical Health Festival Helsinki has a strong alliance of community and steering partners. Together we are changing the course.

Thank you to our 2023 partners!

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European Society of Cardiology – Radical Health Festival lead clinical partner

About the ESC

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit, medical society. Our mission is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.

The ESC does this by uniting experts and sharing knowledge through its network of 57 National Cardiac Societies across European and the Mediterranean basin, and 48 Affiliated Cardiac Societies around the globe.

Our 110,000 + members and decision-makers are healthcare professionals. They give their time and expertise freely, while continuing their daily, high-paced clinical and/or research work.

Everything the ESC does strengthens the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases of the heart and blood vessels and improves scientific understanding of the heart and vascular system. Ultimately, our goal is to advance cardiovascular science to help people live longer, healthier lives.

The ESC is synonymous with robust, trustworthy and cutting-edge cardiovascular recommendations, knowledge and education. ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines, our flagship peer reviewed European Heart Journal and ESC Congress – which attracts more than 30,000 delegates each year – are used and attended by the global cardiology community.

ESC and Radical Health Festival

“Digital health is transforming the way we collect patient information and conduct research, as well as diagnose, monitor and deliver healthcare to our patients. As a provider of education for the global cardiology community, digital health is a strategic priority for the ESC. However, those at the sharp end of delivering healthcare are not the only actors in the digital health revolution that the world is trying embrace, regulate, optimise and pay for.

Being at the cutting edge of digital health is more than a strategic imperative for the ESC. It’s essential that we are part of this diverse group of stakeholders at the forefront of pioneering how digital health technology is integrated into the lives of the professionals who use it and the patients who will greatly benefit from it,” Prof. Gerhard Hindricks – ESC Digital Health Committee Chair

To find out more about the ESC and its activities, visit European Society of Cardiology

Festival Consortium

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre is the largest event organiser in Finland, producing high-quality events and renting out facilities and services for live, hybrid and online events.

Visit: Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

City of Helsinki

The capital of Finland is part of the festival consortium as a Radical Haelth Festival Helsinki partner. Helsinki Metropolitan area forms one of the world’s best health ecosystems.

Visit: City of Helsinki

Health Capital Helsinki

The Helsinki Metropolitan health ecosystem is a collaborative network of world-class healthcare and health R&D, and companies ranging from innovative startups to multinational corporations.

Visit: Health Capital Helsinki


éditohealth is an international healthcare thought leader and event organiser, with more than thirty years of international experience in organising conferences and exhibitions focused on healthcare management.

Visit: éditohealth

Steering Committee Partners

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is part of the Finnish Government. It is in charge of the planning, guidance and implementation of health and social policy. Our mission is to safeguard people’s ability to work and function.

Visit: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs concentrates on foreign and security policy, trade policy and development policy as well as on significant foreign policy issues and international relations in general.

Visit: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

CHIME International

CHIME is a global professional organisation for digital health leaders. Founded in 1992 it is a non-profit committed to developing digital health leadership for the good of world health.

Visit: CHIME International


Healthware Group is a global health innovation and technology leader providing transformational advisory and technology services for commercial, medical, and R&D operations of life-sciences and digital health companies, combined with design and development of digital medicines and digital therapeutics products.


Frontiers Health

Frontiers Health is designed to provide a unique experiential platform to learn, exchange and get inspired. Practitioners of disruptive health engage in many highly inspirational, informative and controversial sessions meant to give companies, entrepreneurs and VCs a useful roadmap, key insights, top level learning and unparalleled networking.

Visit: Frontiers Health

Healthtech Finland

Healthtech Finland is an industry association and part of Technology Industries of Finland. Healthtech Finland is also a community: we foster our industry’s growth and collective knowledge by being a platform for cooperation.

Visit: Healthtech Finland

Health Tampere

A dynamic regional business ecosystem providing partnerships and business opportunities in the Tampere Region. Our mission is to enhance the health of individuals and communities worldwide.

Visit: Health Tampere

Kuopio Health

Kuopio Health is an ever-growing, international community of entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, educational, medical and governmental experts who are dedicated to working together towards discovering and accelerating relevant ideas based on pressing human needs.

Visit: Kuopio Health

Nightingale Health

Preventative health metrics that not only measure your current health, but also predict the future of your health.

Visit: Nightingale Health


OuluHealth facilitates close cooperation that drives innovation, boosts the healthtech business and supports the implementation of better healthcare services.

Visit: OuluHealth


Sitra is Finland’s fund for the future. We collaborate with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future.

Visit: Sitra


HUS is the Finland’s biggest health care provider. Our expertise is internationally recognized and accredited. As a university hospital, we continuously develop and evaluate our treatment methods and activities.

Visit: HUS

Community Partners

Bayer G4A

G4A is Bayer’s digital health partnerships and investments team dedicated to scaling digital health companies in order to change the experience of health. G4A’s vision is to reach health for all through digital health. To attain this goal, Bayer G4A works together with like-minded digital health companies, offering early-stage start-up investments as well as commercial partnerships and late-stage investments.

Visit: Bayer G4A

Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Instituttet for Fremtidsforskning) is an independent, non-profit futures think tank – founded in 1969. We equip and inspire individuals and organisations, decision-makers and the public, to act on the future, today.

Visit: Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies


COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries. COCIR is unique as it brings together the healthcare, IT and telecommunications industries.

Visit: COCIR

Digital Health Connector

Digital Health Connector is your partner to make your healthcare innovation journey as smooth as possible, by connecting you to the right people and guiding you in the right direction.

Visit: Digital Health Connector

DPM Healthcare Consultancy

DPM Health Consultancy is a  health consultancy that supports organizations seeking to engage with healthcare workers and communities through health information and technology.

Visit: DPM Healthcare Consultancy


The European Connected Health Alliance Group (ECHAlliance Group) is the Global Health Connector for Digital Health, facilitating multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. 

Visit: ECHA


EHiN is Norway’s largest e-health conference and stands for E-Health in Norway. Together we make sure that Norway is a driving force in designing health services for the future, focusing on the digitalization of the health sector.

Visit: EHiN


There has never been a more crucial time for health and social care stakeholders to engage with each other in a multi-disciplinary context to shape and influence emerging models of healthcare delivery through data and digital technologies

Visit: EHTEL

Finnish Medical Association

The Finnish Medical Association (FMA) is a professional organization of which almost all doctors practising in Finland are members. Values promoted by the Association include advancement of medical expertise, humanity, ethics, and collegiality.

Visit: Finnish Medical Association


With a strong focus on health, G-Gravity offers a wide range of interventions -from ideation to adoption- for innovation stakeholders. Our SMEs and Corporate Innovation partnership programmes enable entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, explore new business models, connect with the right growth partners and strengthen their business ecosystems.

Visit: G-Gravity


Health-ISAC Inc. (H-ISAC, Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center), is a global, non-profit, member-driven organization offering healthcare stakeholders a trusted community and forum for coordinating, collaborating and sharing vital physical and cyber threat intelligence and best practices with each other.

Visit: Health-ISAC

HL7 Europe Foundation

The HL7 Europe Foundation empowers global health data interoperability: promoting HL7 standards, collecting European needs, participating in creating European implementation guides (based on FHIR), and engaging in interoperability initiatives.

Visit: HL7

Health Tech Nordic

Health Tech Nordic is dedicated to fostering innovation in the Nordic health technology sector. They aim to support and accelerate the growth of health tech startups by providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Their website serves as a hub for information, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and healthcare professionals interested in the Nordic health tech ecosystem.

Visit: Health Tech Nordic


The International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) links and strengthens the government agencies responsible for public health.



Ticbiomed is an association specialised in digital health. Our mission is to drive the Digital Transformation of European healthcare.

Visit: Ticbiomed


The RSCN promotes and facilitates the implementation and Scaling-Up of Innovation and Digital Solutions to address the life-course approach to active and healthy ageing. Representing all accredited Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Site regions the RSCN facilitates multidisciplinary experts from public authorities, health, social care, education, business, research, to engage with policy makers, patient and citizen groups, and communities in sharing their diverse backgrounds and experience to identify and address mutual health and care challenges that will lead to sustainable improvements in health and care outcomes for citizens throughout the life-course. 

Visit: RSCN

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is Finland’s largest and oldest academic institution and an innovative centre of science and thinking. Since 1640, we have contributed to the establishment of a fair and equal society that is considered one of the best in the world.

Visit: University of Helsinki

Media Partners

Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub promotes innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, linking startups, health organizations, corporations and investors.

Visit: Barcelona Health Hub

Curated Health

A hub for digital health, artificial intelligence, and innovation. Connect with like-minded individuals and be part of a growing community.

Visit: Curated Health


Diario Salud

Diario Salud is the information medium specialized in the Hispanic American health industry.

Visit: Diario Salud

Digital Health Innovators Barcelona

Digital Health Innovators Barcelona brings together stakeholders in the healthcare sector and technology lovers in Barcelona and its surroundings in order to improve the conditions in which healthcare is being provided, through the use of new technologies.

Visit: Digital Health Innovators Barcelona

Digital Health Blogs

Visit: Digital Health Blogs

Digital Health Blogs is an editorial project of Healthware Group that aims to disseminate and promote the culture of digital health, offering content and food for thought based on current national and international trends. The blogs bring together contributions from experts who are passionate about innovation and new technologies applied to health, developed through personal experience and diversified professional skills.

Digital Health Malta

Our vision is to help with the transformation of the Maltese Healthcare sector through digital health. We want to do this by informing the general public, helping with innovation and facilitating transition.

Digital Health Today

Digital Health Today features leaders, organizations and resources from around the world to accelerate innovation and implementation of health technology.

Visit: Digital Health Today

eHealth Summer University

Every year since 2007, the world of health and innovation meets in Castres-Mazamet for two days of immersion in eHealth.

Visit: eHealth Summer University

EIT Health

Visit: EIT Health

EIT Health is a vibrant community of global leading healthcare innovators, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) – an independent EU body strengthening Europe’s ability to innovate. It has become Europe’s largest innovation network, bringing together experts from across all member states and beyond to find solutions to the most pressing societal challenges.  

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Visit: Faces of Digital Health


HealthManagement is a multidimensional, fully interactive health management and leadership portal.

Visit: HealthManagement

Health Podcast Network

Health Podcast Network is a trusted resource for top health podcasts tackling the tough topics in health, care and well-being.

Visit: Health Podcast Network

Health Revolution Congress

The Health Revolution Congress is the largest European Summit in Digital Health, where global startups & stakeholders join forces.

Visit: Health Revolution Congress


Health Unmuted is an audio library of podcasts created to promote health, wellness and care.

Visit: Health UNMUTED

Helsinki Times

Helsinki Times is the first and only English language newspaper providing news about Finland in English. HT was established in 2007, covering Finland related news daily.

Visit: Helsinki Times

Med-Tech World

Med-Tech aims to bring together leading companies, start-ups, investors, healthcare technology professionals, and media under one roof. We want to empower networking, investment, and knowledge sharing.

Visit: Med-Tech World


We establish partnerships between digital health startups and companies. Based in Berlin, R2GConnect is a matching service by Research2Guidance, the leading analyst and consulting company for the global digital health industry. We have been supporting partnerships in digital health since 2010. Having worked with both sides (startups and corporates), we know what makes a good one.

Visit: R2GConnect

This Week in Digital Health

This Week in Digital Health explores the innovations shaping digital health.

Visit: TWIDH


We are a community of professionals from various disciplines driving the Digital Health ecosystem in Latin America and the world.

Visit: TISAC

Women in Global Health Finland (WGHF)

Women in Global Health Finland (WGHF) is one of 49 chapters within the Women in Global Health (WGH) network, which connects women and allies from across geographies and backgrounds, and fights for equity in global health for all genders. Women in Global Health provides a platform for all and elevates the voices and visibility of those affected by gender inequity in health, bringing to the forefront those who have been heard least. WGH connects and supports women and their allies to be agents of change, advocating for gender-transformative policies and practices and holding leaders accountable to their commitments. The Women in Global Health chapters challenge power and privilege at all levels to transform the systems, structures, and norms that perpetuate gender inequality in health. Our members are made up of a healthcare workforce from various fields, including nurses, doctors, public and global health professionals, health policymakers, community health workers, researchers, pharmacists, and private sector health workers.