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Women’s Health @ RHFH

Women´s Health – Redesigning Systems to Care for the Other Half

Co-designed with éditohealth and Women in Global Health 
Tuesday 21 May 2024 | 15:00-17:00 | Room to be confirmed






Our health systems have long been shaped by historical and social roots that have led to a big gap in how we understand and treat health issues for women. As most of the evidence we use to design protocols and pathways is still based on men´s data, women’s health concerns are sometimes overlooked or not given the attention they deserve. That is not only unfair, it is also dangerous. The key to making health care better for women lies in recognising their unique health needs. We must shift our approach to focus on prevention and tailor care specifically for women. But how do we start making these changes?

Part of the answer is to ensure that more women are in positions of influence within health care systems. Very few women lead as hospital CEOs or are at the forefront of health innovation, partly because there’s still limited funding for projects focusing on women’s health or led by women. Yet, women play a crucial role in health care decisions, often acting as main health advisors and digital health prescriptors for their families. This session aims to do more than just talk about these issues. We’re here to spotlight innovative initiatives and solutions that are making a difference in women’s health. By showcasing these successes, we hope to inspire action and change. Bringing more women into leadership roles and increasing investment in women-centred health innovations are critical steps forward. It’s time to correct the imbalance and ensure health equity for all, starting with the women who represent half of this world’s population.

Join us as we explore how to make these necessary changes and create a health care system that serves everyone equally.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite what the session’s title might suggest, the content is equally intended for both men and women!

Hosted by Pascal Lardier, Partner, éditohealth, Spain