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Keynotes @ RHFH

June 12   |   17:00 – 18:30

The Wake-Up Call: Radical Moves for a Healthy Future

Health systems around the world are in danger. And the list of challenges facing them is only getting longer: ageing populations, shortages and burnouts of health professionals, rising lifestyle-related cardio-metabolic diseases, unsustainable payment models, siloed information, lack of focus on prevention… A perfect storm is on our horizon. Radical Health Festival Helsinki comes from a genuine and shared ambition to transform healthcare, deliver value, improve clinical and financial outcomes, and make health systems sustainable. Our target audience is anyone who believes only radical changes will get us there. The Festival’s first keynote message is simple: now is the time to challenge and innovate our traditional ways. Now is the time to be radical.

17:00 – Welcome

17:10 – Presentation: ¨Fending off a Perfect Storm: Time for Radical Thinking!¨
Veli-Mikko Niemi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland 

17:30 – Presentation: ¨Digital Health Opportunities for Clinicians, Patients and Health Systems in Cardiology¨
Prof. Gerhard Hindricks, Medical Director of the Heart Center Leipzig at the University of Leipzig and Chair of the Digital Health Committee at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Germany

17:45 – Conversation: ¨Talk to me! Good communication with patients improves care and outcomes. Let me help you help me.¨
Astrid Galdeano, Student and Young Patient, UBO, France

18:00 Roundtable: ¨Caring for our workforce is caring for our patients – fighting burnout and getting health professionals energised about the future of health¨

  • Dr. Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, CEO, Lapsi Health, The Netherlands 
  • Dr. Keith Grimes, Digital Health & Innovation Consultant, Curistica, United Kingdom 
  • Prof. Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Barts Health NHS Trust, Chief Medical Officer at Medical Realities, and since June 2022 Chief Medical Metaverse Officer at Aimedis, United Kingdom

Chair: Agathe Acchiardo, Founder and Director, Think Next Ltd, France/United Kingdom 

June 13   |   9:00-10:30

Unleashing the Power of Data

Unleashing the power of data is key to personalising health services, improving patient outcomes, accelerating research and innovation, efficiently allocating resources, facilitating early detection and disease prevention, and more. So how do we get there? This session will explore the opportunities, the challenges and the best practices required to reach a data-driven health system where patients remain at the centre of all services.

9:00 – Presentation:¨Personalising health and improving health equity – creating Humane Health¨
Tony Estrella, Global Digital Health Expert and Author, Verge Venture Partner & Taliossa MD, Singapore

9:15 – Presentation: ¨Who´s afraid of ChatGPT?¨
Andri Peetso, Founder, Conturata and Whomesome, Estonia

9:30 – Presentation: ¨Radical and easy to implement: Introducing next-generation data architecture for preventative health¨
Teemu Suna, Founder & CEO at Nightingale Health Plc., Finland

9:45 – ¨Healthy people, healthy planet, healthy growth: What says data?¨
Tina Woods
, Founder & CEO Collider Health, United Kingdom

10:00 – Panel conversation with all presenters

Chair: Donna Henderson, Head of International Engagement, Digital Health and Care Directorate, Scottish Government and President of EHTEL, Scotland

June 13   |   17:10 – 18:40

From Innovation to Impact – Collaborating to Build Adoption Highways

After a few decades of intense innovation, we need to focus our attention on adoption. Bringing together various expertise, resources, and stakeholders´ perspectives is the only way to tackle complex challenges, overcome barriers and improve the patient experience as well as clinical and financial outcomes. Stakeholders working closely together not only helps overcome barriers, such as regulatory hurdles or limited resources, it facilitates the sharing of research findings, best practices and successful interventions. This is how we build adoption highways. This keynote is our toast to collaboration!

17:15 Presentation: ¨My journey from patient empowerment to health entrepreneurship¨
Mikael Rinnetmäki, Patient advocate, Founder of Sensotrend and HL7 FHIR ambassador, Finland 

17:30 Conversation: ¨When public policy and regulation create innovation opportunities¨
Bryan Sivak, Investor, France/USA

17:45 Presentation and Q&A: ¨Innovation in the clinical setting: The path, the hurdles, the lessons learned, the future¨
Prof. Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Section for the Department of Neurosurgery at the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Finland 

18:10 Presentations and conversations: “Integrating digital innovation and reshaping health systems”

  • Roberto Ascione, CEO, Healthware Group, Italy
  • Megan Coder, Founder and Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance, United Kingdom

Chair: Marianne Larsson, Director HealthTech Nordic, Innovation Skåne, Sweden

June 14  |   8:30 – 9:30

Precision and the Future of Health and Care

Precision health is the future of health and care. Not only does it shift the focus from a one-size-fits-all approach to personalised, targeted interventions, it also looks at our citizens´ health through a – life-long approach with a focus on prevention, quality of life, social determinants, and healthy active living. Precision health enables health professionals to understand individual variations in genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors, which allows for more accurate risk assessment, disease prevention, and tailored treatment strategies. Precision health maximises the effectiveness of interventions, minimises adverse effects, optimises resource as well as empowers individuals to take an active role in their own health. Precision health is the answer to improve clinical and financial outcomes while delivering a better patient experiences.

8:30 – Presentation: ¨Managing precision health in 2023 – landscape, opportunities and threats¨
Dr. Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer, éditohealth, United Kingdom

8:45 – Presentation: ¨Precision medicine in the era of artificial intelligence¨
Prof. Richard Barker, Founder and CEO, Metadvice, United Kingdom

9:00 – Presentation: ¨Using data and AI to deliver precision population health and decipher health inequity¨
Dr. Ann Aerts, Head of Novartis Foundation, Switzerland

9:15 Presentation: ¨When precision meets digital public health¨
Dr. Duncan Selbie, President of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI), United Kingdom

Chair: Dr. Päivi Sillanaukee, Special Envoy for Health and Wellbeing, Ministry for Social Affairs and Health, Finland