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Programme Overview

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024 

Check out the initial programme matrix and sessions of 2024!

Programme matrixSessions

Deploying Prevention and
Precision at Scale

Identifying and addressing risk factors before they develop into major health issues, delivering more personalised and efficient care, achieving better outcomes overall, optimising resource allocation and improving the sustainability of our health systems: the future of health and care lies at the intersection of prevention and precision. This is where Radical Health Festival Helsinki is digging deeper this year. It´s a paradigm shift that requires vision, leadership, change management and the critical need to be radical. The 2024 programme explores this shift through 3 carefully curated streams of content:

Stream 1: PEOPLE – Placing Humans at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Stream 2: INNOVATION – Accelerating Adoption, Keeping Up with Technology

Stream 3: DATA – Turning Data into Insights for Precision, Prevention and Equity

Confirmed speakers already include:

Agathe ACCHIARDO, Founder and Director, Think Next Ltd (Spain)

Dr. Charles ALESSI, Chief Clinical Officer, éditohealth (United Kingdom)

Prof. Ran BALICER, Chief Innovation Officer & Deputy-Director General, Clalit Health Services and Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute (Israel)

Richard BARKER, Founding Director, Metadvice (United Kingdom)

Eugene BORUKHOVICH, Co-Founder & COO YourCoach Health (Spain)

Andy BLEADEN, Communities Director, ECHAlliance (United Kingdom)

Prof. Nico BRUINING, Digital Cardiology Lead at Erasmus, Editor-in-Chief of the European Heart Journal – Digital Health, and Vice Chair of the Digital Health Committee at the European Society of Cardiology (The Netherlands)

Maria BURPEE, Partner, Innovation, éditohealth (Portugal)

Jessica DaMASSA, Health Innovation Reporter Host & Executive Producer, “WTF Health” (USA)

Fredrik DEBONG, Co-founder and CSO, and Executive in Residence, INSEAD Executive Education (Austria)

Claus DUEDAL PEDERSEN, Director of Sentinel Unit, and Chief Executive Officer, Foundation (Denmark)

Jane DWELLY, Vice President, CHIME (United Kingdom)

Antonio ESTRELLA, Author, Strategic Futurist and Founder of Taliossa (Singapore)

Roberta GILARDI, CEO, G2Startups (Italy)

Jorge GONZALEZ OLALLA, Managing Director, Ticbiomed (Spain)

Dr. Keith GRIMES, Digital Health and Innovation Consultant and Founder, Curistica (United Kingdom)

Joan GUANYABENS, Director , TIC Salut Social (Spain)

Donna HENDERSON, President, EHTEL and Head of International Engagement, TEC and Digital Healthcare Innovation, NHS Scotland (Scotland)

Prof. Gerhard HINDRICKS, Chief Integration Officer at the German Heart Center Berlin, Head of Electrophysiology-Rhythmology at Charité University Hospital, and Chair of the Digital Health Committee at the European Society of Cardiology (Germany)

Matthew HOLT, President of and Co-Chairman of Health Catalyst (USA)

Prof. Leroy HOOD, Founder and CEO, Phenome Health (USA)

Prof. Maddalena ILLARIO, Professor, Federico II University & Hospital Department of Public Health (Italy)

Joseph MOCANU, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund (Singapore)

Juha JOLKKONEN, Executive Director – Social Services, Health

Maneesh JUNEJA, Planetary Health Futurist (United Kingdom)

Markus KALLIOLA, Project Director and TEHDAS Lead, Sitra (Finland)

Prof. Nurgül KESER, Professor of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine at the Sciences University of Istanbul, Member of the Digital Health Committee at the European Society of Cardiology (Turkey)

Lukasz KOLTOWSKI, Cardiologist and Associate Professor at the Medical University of Warsaw and member of Digital Health Committee at the European Society of Cardiology (Poland)

Pascal LARDIER, Partner – Content, éditohealth (Spain)

Roxane LAVIE, Patient Advocate, Quality Insights Expert and Strategist, (United Kingdom)

Berit LEWIS, Mindfulness Consultant in Thriving Life and Founder, Thriving Live (The Netherlands)

Joost LUMENS, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Maastricht University Medical Center (The Netherlands)

Sandra LIEDE, Senior Legal Specialist, Healthtech Finland (Finland)

Henrique MARTINS, Associate Professor, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal)

Corey McCANN, Former CEO, Pears Therapeutics (USA)

Lucas MITTLEMEIER, Investor, Heal Capital (Germany)

Aline NOIZET, Founder and CEO, Digital Health Connector (Spain)

Ali PARSA, Former CEO, Babylon (Spain)

Terje PEETSO, Chief Medical Innovation Officer, North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation (Estonia)

Mikael RINNETMÄKI, Patient Advocate and Founder, Sensotrend Oy (Finland)

Begoña SAN JOSE, Clinical Psychologist, Be and Go (Austria)

Christos SCHIZAS, President The National eHealth Authority of Cyprus (Cyprus)

Annabel SEEBOHM, Secretary General, COCIR (Belgium)

Prof. Duncan SELBIE, President, International Association of National Public Health Institutes – IANPHI (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Shakila SHAHEEN, Consultant, Digital Pathology software (Denmark)

Dr. Päivi SILLANAUKEE, Special Envoy for Health and Wellbeing, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Finland)

Brent STACKHOUSE, Managing Director, Mount Sinai Ventures (USA)

Teemu SUNA, Founder & CEO, Nightingale Health Plc (Finland)

Petra WILSON, Managing Director, Health Connect Partners, United Kingdom/Belgium

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