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Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024 – It’s critical to be radical

21-23 May 2024 | Helsinki, Finland



Radical Steps for a Healthy Future

A perfect storm

Healthcare systems around the world are in crisis. The list of challenges facing them is only getting longer: ageing populations, shortages and burnouts of health professionals, rising lifestyle-related cardio-metabolic diseases, unsustainable payment models, siloed information, lack of focus on prevention… Add to these antimicrobial resistance, emerging challenges due to climate change, and the increasing probability of facing new pandemics and we´ve got a perfect storm.

Radical thinking

Radical Health Festival Helsinki is driven by a genuine and shared ambition to transform healthcare, deliver value, improve clinical and financial outcomes, and make health systems sustainable. Our target audience is anyone who believes only radical changes will get us there. Now is the time to innovate and challenge our traditional ways.

From innovation to adoption

Leveraging digital health solutions and unleashing the power of data will be crucial in addressing these challenges, as long as we keep in mind that the digital transformation of our health systems is no longer about technology. It’s about people. Only a human approach will accelerate the transition from intense innovation to large scale adoption.

This is our wake-up call.

Feedback from the 2023 Festival 

🎙️ Prof. Gerhard Hindricks
Chair of the Digital Health Committee of European Society of Cardiology

“The collaboration with Radical Health Festival Helsinki is all about creating exciting new synergies and carving innovative, practical, and safe ways forward. Together, we are shaping the future with numerous groups from the digital health arena.”

🎙️ Andressa Van der Laan,

“Congratulations to Radical Health Festival Helsinki for prioritizing patient voices in their sessions! Kudos to the incredible team behind the festival for recognizing the importance of including patients. By doing so, they’ve showcased the power of diverse perspectives in shaping healthcare.Including patients in sessions promotes collaboration, empathy, and better outcomes.”

🎙️ Felice Lopane, Secretary General
Silver Economy Network

“Such a wonderful experience at Radical Health Festival Helsinki! Being involved in the session ‘Championing a Silver Economy for Healthy Active Living’ allowed me to bring the Italian approach for building a #longevity economy through data analytics and segmentation.”

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