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In Conversation with Prof. Anja Tuulonen

Using data to improve outcomes and reduce cost

In Conversation with Teemu Suna

Prevention and Precision at Scale in Action

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Patient consultation – Why we need to rethink and relaunch this in digital health

If there is one thing that is a constant throughout my professional life, it is the “cri de coeur” around the importance of involving patients in the design of new digital solutions and other new therapeutic interventions.

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From Cinderella to a prima ballerina

Mental health and brain health have for many years been the forgotten and ignored areas of health care – this is not reflected as far as people and patients are concerned with at least one in three of us experiencing a mental health problem at some time in their lives and with dementia being the leading cause of death in many developed countries.

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Public Health Transformation – Is everyone onboard?

Has everyone caught the train?” As the digital transformation’s reach extends, we must consider if its rapid evolution in health and care encompasses all life aspects. Public health, especially, showcases significant evolution worth examining through its history and the achievements predating this swift change.

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The Future of Diagnostics

The diagnostics and screening landscape is undergoing significant transformation due to advances in care such as near-patient testing and disruptive modalities, as well as shifts in regulatory environments, particularly in Europe.

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Data is the foundation of deploying prevention and precision at scale

In our quest to provide ever more personalisation of messaging and pathways to people, it is essential we remember that data is at the heart of delivering this. It is relevant here to think of how the amount of data has grown over the years from discreet sparse diagnostic data within EMRs which were at the basis of billing systems to a much more comprehensive assessment of symptomatology as well as diagnostic information supplemented by laboratory and imaging data.

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The Meaning of Value In Healthcare

Improving value is a unanimous goal for health systems worldwide. This imperative emerges from a reality where healthcare budgeting faces escalating pressures—not just from competing funding priorities, but also from the demographic shifts of ageing populations and the pandemic’s lasting impacts. The intrigue lies in the insufficient attention paid to the true definition of value in healthcare. Despite intense interest, one would expect a standard definition, but instead, we find ambiguity. What does ‘value’ signify, and to whom does it apply? There seems to be no collective agreement on this.

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Entering The Era of ”Phenomics” 

We are living truly exciting times—a moment where the changes we’ve been discussing and dreaming of are suddenly coming together. It’s like contemplating a garden of hope for years and suddenly the doors are open, and we’re already inside! The importance of genomics in personalising healthcare has been extensively discussed in recent years. We have also emphasized the significance of epigenetic factors and all the omics, which at times have the propensity to turn the effects of certain genes on and off.

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Radical Health Festival 2024 at the Intersection of Precision and Prevention

As we step into 2024, the Radical Health Festival beckons us to the vibrant city of Helsinki this May. This unique gathering will immerse us in the crucial discussions surrounding the intersection of precision and prevention in healthcare. In a world where innovation, the humane touch in tech transformations, and the role of artificial intelligence are key players, this festival is a fertile ground for thought-provoking ideas.

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In Conversation with Prof. Anja Tuulonen

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