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ECHAlliance @ RHFH

The European Connected Health Alliance Group (ECHAlliance Group) is the Global Health Connector for Digital Health. As a 1,000+ member organisation, we at ECHAlliance bring our global community together in a network of 70+ ecosystems with the goal to match need and solution, break down silos and drive sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care.

  • We CONNECT by using the power of our global network to make the connections you need.
  • We CONVENE by using our ability as a neutral party to bring together and reach the right audience.
  • We AMPLIFY by harnessing the capacity of our global network to amplify your message.
  • We help you to ACCELERATE by engaging across our network to speed up adoption and awareness.

ECHAlliance Nordic Ecosystem Gathering

Monday 12 June – 13:00-16:30
Orange Stage (Room 208)


Introduction: ECHAlliance: Our 4 pillars, community and ecosystem network

  • Andy Bleaden, Communities Director, ECHAlliance, United Kingdom

Section 1: Sweden
In this session, we will launch our Swedish EU Presidency Connector as well as hear from some of our ECHAlliance community in Sweden.

  • Adriana Díaz, Communities Manager, ECHAlliance, Spain
  • Ulf Ivarsson, Chairman, Moxiam, Sweden
  • Michel Silvestri, PhD, Head of Unit, Department of Coordination, Swedish eHealth Agency, Sweden
  • Anže Droljc, Director of Business Development, Better, Slovenia

Section 2: Accelerating Digital Health Uptake in the Nordics and remote areas

  • Karolina Mackiewicz, Innovation Director, ECHAlliance, Finland

Section 3: Launch of Green Health

  • Andy Bleaden, Communities Director, ECHAlliance, United Kingdom
  • Karolina Mackiewicz, Innovation Director, ECHAlliance, Finland

Section 4: Finland – An introduction to the ECHAlliance Finnish ecosystems and the work of ECHAlliance members VTT and McKinsey

  • Kaisu Sutinen, Senior Business Advisor, Health Capital Helsinki, Finland
  • Aki Gröhn, CEO, Kuopio Health, Finland
  • Kari Pirinen, Development Manager, Regional Council of Central Finland, Finland
  • Minna Komu, Network Director, BusinessOulu, OuluHealth, Finland
  • Pia Nyman, Finland Vaasa Welfare Technology Ecosystem, Finland

Implementing research and innovation to market by VTT

  • Kari Kohtamaki, Senior Advisor, VTT; Ambassador, ECHAlliance Group, Finland

Health and wellbeing economy in the Nordics by McKinsey

  • Heikki Tarkkila, Associated Patner, McKinsey, Finland

Section 5: Estonia – An introduction to the ECHAlliance Estonian Connected Health Cluster Ecosystem

  • Hille Hinsberg, Member, Estonian Connected Health Cluster, Estonia

Section 6: Norway – An introduction to the ECHAlliance Norway Health Tech Ecosystem and Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

  • Sergio Ferreira, Senior Innovation Advisor, Norway Health Tech Ecosystem; EU Advisor, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Section 7: Denmark – An introduction to the ECHAlliance Region South Denmark Ecosystem and the Nordic Health 2030 Ecosystem 

  • Christian Mercado, Head of our Digital Innovation Unit, Health Innovation Centre of Southern, Denmark
  • Lars Münter, Communications Lead, Nordic Health 2030 Ecosystem, Denmark

Section 8: Thematic Innovation Ecosystems

ECHAlliance Thematic Innovation Ecosystems (TIEs) target cross-border themes led by our ecosystems and members to match need and solution and foster collaboration. In this session, we will hear about our recently launched Health Data TIE.

Health Data Thematic Innovation Ecosystem co-led by HYTKI

  • Leena Rasa, Senior Lecturer, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Wrap-up & conclusions

  • Andy Bleaden, Communities Director, ECHAlliance