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Helsinki – World capital of health innovation and happiness!

Helsinki offers a lot of interesting activities, beautiful scenery and various delicacies to try during your visit.

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Make the most out of your visit in Helsinki during RHFH 2024!

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All about Helsinki

MyHelsinki offers the most comprehensive package of what to see and do in Helsinki. Explore the endless possibilities how to supercharge your stay during RHFH 2024!


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Want to see sights and attractions, enjoy the local saunas or plan your day with the guidance of the official local guides of Helsinki? Use this handy filtered search when planning your stay in Helsinki!

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Helsinki is made out of interesting events all around the year! Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, sports, fairs – you name it. Helsinki surely has something for everyone.

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Helsinki is a place like no other

Unpolished, yet completely modern and Nordic. And that’s the way we like it. Everyone is free to be themselves without preconceptions and contributes to creating a city that embodies our shared values.  Helsinki lives and breathes throughout every season of the year. But June is a very very special time.


Happiness is the local state of mind

Year after year, Finland tops the world Happiness index. Possibly, this trend is because Finns enjoy simple pleasures – like clean air, pure water and walking around in the woods – to the fullest. Finnish happiness is the calm and peaceful type; it’s an appreciation for how things work and the ability to pause and admire the little things in life.

Sustainable Choices in Helsinki

You can also experience Helsinki in a sustainable way. In this section all of the service providers from restaurants to shops to events and beyond have met the Think Sustainably criteria. Helsinki is committed to promoting more sustainable way of life – for everyone!

Sustainable activities

Your Local Guide

Need ideas for ready-made packages what to see & do – Helsinki local guides will help you out! Get recommendations from the famous artists, politicians and restaurateurs about their Top 5 picks in Helsinki 

Helsinki Local Guides